I learnt the fact that the world in which we all live is full of diversity. People are no exception. Each one of us is unique in many ways. Our minds, behavior, and personalities are different. We are born different and raised in a different way in a different family and culture. All this put together plays a huge role in what we become. It is in the very nature of creation that no two human brains are wired same. No two brains function exactly the same way. Human minds perceive things based on several factors and sometimes we are not able to understand why different people in a same situation perceive differently. We hope that people would understand us and when that does not happen we get disappointed. If we can put ourselves in other’s shoes first for a while, it will be easier for us to realize why someone is a particular way. This can open doors to connect better with others.

As we grow up, we are being influenced by lot of factors like our parents’ beliefs, values, our environment, by the society and the culture we live in. This one can see and experience when they meet people on daily basis from different walks of life like from valets to security guards, cab drivers to shopkeepers or even business executives. Though there are differences among us still if we observe carefully we all are connected in many ways. This is a sad things that we becomes prejudiced and judgmental about others and we paint others as either black or white without thinking that all of us are not plain black or white and we all have many grey shades as well. If we understand this one thing probably understanding and connecting with others would become much easier for us.

Many a times, I felt overwhelmed by my priorities my problems. I thought my issues were biggest and I cribbed about many things, but it has been really moving to see that others may have bigger issues and still they are able to find ways to handle those problems and smile through their pain. This gave me lot of strength and clarity. If we change the way we see world and people around us then it will bring huge impact in our lives. Entire way of perceiving human life will change. It does not require big steps to take to connect with others. In fact we keep playing a barrier ourselves. Sometimes simply taking a small step to talk to someone and get energy from others is enough for a beautiful day. Sometimes what we need or what other need is just patient listening. We can learn to overcome various issues and hurdles in our lives simply from others life stories. When you listen to someone’s story carefully you slowly get closer to the realities of those individuals and you understand that what you thought about them initially was completely wrong. And on top of it you may get a friend for life as well. So, if we can embrace difference rather than complaining about it, world will be a better place to live in.