​My personal and professional journey gives me huge opportunity to meet all kinds of people. I keenly observe them. I love to observe what makes one go beyond their mental blocks and what stops others from doing so. Successful ones make a plan and keep taking small steps in that direction. They always focus on what they can do rather than worrying about what they cannot do. I think people give up even before they make their best and honest attempt. I also faced my own mental blocks many a time in my life. But they only made me stronger and clearer in my head. Your physical health, mental health, financial health and other factors play huge role in making your mind about what is possible and what is not, but I think it is all in your head first. If you can imagine things possible, make plans, work step by step towards them, keep problem solving approach all the time then you will surely be able to break all your mental blocks. Mental block is not a onetime thing and I have seen myself and others faced with new negative thoughts every time something completely new or even partially new situation comes our way. However, if you sit back for a while and think it though properly you will surely break it through like all great people have done in life. I have realized this for life and that makes me say with conviction that if you feed yourself on positive thinking in the worst possible situations, your mental blocks will still be there but they will not be able to stop you from doing or achieving what you want to.