Today whenever I sit down, I do reflect at the number of times when I could actually sit down and INTROSPECT. I have realized that over the years the figure has dwindled to a staggering all-time low.

Even 2 to 3 years back I could sit back and relax. I had ‘Down -time’, I had my ‘ME-Time’. Where I could still sit back with my feet up, with a fresh brew and do nothing. Yes, doing nothing. It had its perks which only I get to realise now whilst braving the traffic and avoiding the serpentine constricts. Those were the times when I could just caress my inner-self, curl up on couch and much to my mother’s chagrin and dismay, I could enjoy myself not quite unlike to the feline capacities.

Jokes apart, our work has made us so busy that we just end up running. We run, Life runs and it passes us by. When would we ever find time to PAUSE?

The answer is NEVER. We will never FIND time to PAUSE. We would only have to make time for it. It will not present itself wrapped in bow.

Pause is a very powerful way to Re-energise. It helps us restructure our thought processes and help us align our goals to our dreams. Only when we PAUSE, are we able to reflect and be content. With content, sets in the gratitude. This Gratitude is not only directed towards individual/s but also to the inner self and the self-realization of our efforts, our capabilities and the love and support that we have.

We can truly realise our POWER when this Gratitude becomes ingrained in our ATTITUDE. We are able to re- assess our situations and circumstances in an altogether different perspective.

Take a PAUSE, breathe deep and remember to

PAUSE, when in Doubt,

PAUSE, when in Anger,

PAUSE, when Tired,

PAUSE, when you just feel LIKE.

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